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Frozen Blog?

was posted in: Personal

Its been a while since I write here. And now as I try to keep my internet life live again, I try to unfroze my blog and start to be as active as possible again.

There are a few major things has happened through out my silence here in blogging world.

I got engaged, my mother passed away, my father remarried, broke my finger.

Que Sera Sera - Whatever will be will be.

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posted by empithree @ 25.3.12 02:52 am

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Cherry On The Cake

was posted in: Daily Life

well, after half a month working, i finally realised that everything here is getting better and better...

lets start with the 1st interview...

my 1st interview is on Thursday, 17 June 2010, i went there without enough sleep and rest. at the time i am unemployed, so as malaysian calls the likes of me, bats. the interview went smoothly, with some bumps. where i answer the questions with some unexpected answer. i suspected that i wont be able to make it to the next interview.

the very next week on the 22 June 2010, i got a call from 1 of the Engineers saying that i got another chance with the 2nd interview. my happiness and joy rooftopped.

2 days later its my birthday. same old. 26. wow... 26 years of life. there and then.

July 1st. my second interview. there were a hell lot of butterflies in my stomach. i am seriously not feeling that good. again with stupid answers to some normally brilliant questions.

8 July 2010 i got a call from the company saying that i got the job and asking me whether i can start working on the 14th or not. so without a doubt i said yes! and the cake, i got a job. and the first cherry is my salary is unexpected higher than what i request and dreamt of.

12 July i went to the company to sign the offer letter. it is seriously the happiest day in my life. reading the offer letter stating the terms and conditions as well as the salary.

14 July, my first day of the job. i find it easy to know people here. most of them are quite friendly. easy to talk to. but the english here is figuritively twisting my tongue. everybody speaks fluently. the 2nd cherry is that, i work with a lot of computers, and i like it.

after that i just lost track of the time. but here are the list of cherries that i realise happening to me.

1. Salary
2. Working with computers, with relations to aviation (my qualification)
3. In Sepang area
4. 4days on 4days off (only take leave as long as 4 days will make me resting a whole 12 days)
5. Same building with training stewardess
6. Got free drinks (Milo) and biscuits (wafers, cookies)
7. Nice overtime pay.
8. A very fast internet connection.

for now thats what i can say about my company. i am very happy here. and i hope i can stay and work here for a very long time

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posted by empithree @ 30.7.10 09:17 am

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Takkan Hilang Melayu Di Dunia

was posted in: Daily Life

zaman da maju masih ramai lagi mengamalkan etika Melayu lama,

dulu masa zaman Melayu Melaka, orang tikam menikam pakai keris,
skang orang masih tikam menikam pakai kata2

tapi dulu orang tikam menikam berani berdepan,
skang orang lagi suka tikam belakang

Hang Tuah pernah berkata, "Takkan hilang Melayu di dunia."
aku kata, "Selagi ada Melayu berfikiran kolot, selagi Melayu pijak Melayu, selagi tu Melayu takkan maju"

bangsa lain kalau nak naik, semua orang support. Bangsa kita? kalau nak mambangun, ramai je yang membantah. Orang keliling semua dengki. talam dua muka. depan bukan main baik. tapi belakang cerita bukan2.

kalau ditegur mula tarik muka. lepas tu mula la bercerita yang bukan2 tentang yang menegur.

prinsip aku mudah, kalau aku ada salah, tak kena dengan cara kau, tegur aku terus dan telus. aku mungkin tak dapat terima pada masa tu, tapi aku ada otak boleh pk. sapa2 pun tak akan gelak dan hepi time kena sound. tapi at least aku ada niat nak berubah kalau teguran tu membina.

kalau kau tak tegur aku, dok crita blakang aku, sampai ke mati sok pun aku tatau, bila aku tatau aku tak berubah, dan cycle tu jadi lengkap la... kau akan cerita lagi kat orang pasal aku...

tapi cam aku cakap... typical orang Melayu... memang sangat suka mengumpat... bohong la aku tak pernah mengumpat orang... tapi at least bebenda yang aku dok crita tu ialah benda yang aku da tegur orang tu dan dia rasa dia sangat hebat n tak perlu berubah...

ape2 pun hidup perlu di teruskan... abaikan yang lepas... bukan boleh bawak ke mati pun... dosa pahala yang nak difikir...

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posted by empithree @ 24.7.10 05:09 pm

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was posted in: Daily Life

i have a principle that "good things always comes to those who are patient/waits"

a good thing have come to me after a few month waiting. at last.

after a few month of job hunting, a little bit of playing around, a hard time... i have found my dream job...

i got a call from the company on 5:30 just now informing my application have been accepted and i will start working next week... is it wonderful...

the cherry on the icing is, not only the company is aviation related... i gotta work with a hell lot of computers... my dream all along...

the saying "if u fall once, try again" if just true as it is... i am so damn excited that i dunno what i feel anymore... i'm overwhelm with joy...

i hope this job will somehow give me the opportunity of ongoing knowledge about me, myself, computers, and who knows... the universe... ekekekeke

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posted by empithree @ 9.7.10 12:08 am

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Beginilah Nasib Diriku Yang Malang

was posted in: Daily Life

Its all began a few weeks ago...

well... the day starting as usual... no conflict what-so-ever...

but then it started to go not so well when I've been told by my father about the health condition of my mother... then everything started to get ugly...

while i was worrying about my mother, i've been scolded by my father because of my car's battery... a bright and blissful day seems gloomy after that...

last saturday suppose my major turning point of my life... its MAS interview or assessment test or something... i dunno... i hate it... because i've passed... but not the test... my age have passed their requirement. damn... why can people with extra years working with them? wth...

but let it be... i tried to be as patient as i can... as my own principal said "good things will comes to those who waits (patient)"

then last night, when i comes back from dinner, i suddenly got a headache, and flu... wow... demm,.. 1 thing after another... its really testing my patient... after that my friend text me to ask about his phone, seems like a part of his phone is not his... i dunno, i try to search for this part of the phone to see how...

my mood is not so good right now... dunno what to type... wanna type everything, i can't... need someone to tell stuff to... demm days...

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posted by empithree @ 24.5.10 12:29 pm

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April Fool. Gigi Ilang

was posted in: Daily Life

last 2 days, on the 30th March, i went to Kelang for some errands...

on the way back...i stopped by a dentist recommended by my GF. The doctor is quite stiff when dealing with patient, dunno whether because i am a guy and the doctor is a she... but i just don't feel like soothing feeling when i am around her.

but i can tell you for fact that it doesn't hurt (much)... ekekekeke...

this is the photo of the tooth...


oh, and did i mention i have to pull out 2 teeth? yeah... the doctor recommended me to take out both up and down final teeth... geraham bongsu might most of Malays call it...

in a month or two, i might be going there for another set of geraham bongsu pull out sugery, but on the right set of teeth...

and now i pronounce, i am toothache free...

i have been suffering for this tooth aching for years... this is because my final tooth grows a little bit off angle, which resulting my gum being shear to tear. the thing is, every three or four month or so, i will suffer from toothache for a week or so... and its been going since 5 or 6 years ago...

for someone who appreciate his teeth like me, i thought of letting the teeth grow naturally... even when go see a dentist (which i do twice a year, except for last year i went once only)... the dentist doesn't even mention about pulling out the tooth. until early this year when i go and do a scaling of my teeth, the dentist did mention my final teeth is off angle just a little bit... damn.

and to answer why must pull out 2 teeth instead of only 1? even the upper teeth if perfectly formed, it will crush the lower gum because there are no more teeth at the lower jaw...

and why did my lower final teeth is off angle? this is common for most people, because the lower jaw have not enough space to grow it will grow dangerously close to the teeth before it, so because of the limited space, the angle of growth if off. which makes it shear the gum in the area...

wakakaka...i hope you guys understands me... and remember, go and see your dentist at least twice a year, and change your toothbrush every 3 month or so...

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posted by empithree @ 1.4.10 02:18 pm

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Cari Kerja - Modifikasi Lagu Cari Jodoh Wali

was posted in: Merepek

Apa salahku apa salah ibuku
Hidupku dirundung pilu
Tak ada yang mau dan menginginkan aku
Tuk jadi pekerja baru
Tuk jadi majikan aku
Tuk jadi pemberi gajiku

Timur ke barat selatan ke utara
Tak juga aku berjumpa
Dari satu bulan hingga kini berbulan
Tak kunjung aku dapatkan
Tak jua aku temukan
Oh tuhan inikah cobaan

Tauke-tauke HR-HR
Siapa yang punya kerja
Bilang aku aku yang tengah malu
Sama teman-temanku
Karna cuma diriku yang tak laku-laku

Siapa yang mau bantu
Tolong aku kasihani aku
Tolong carikan diriku kerja untuk aku
Siapa yang mau

Back to *, **, ***

Tauke HR punya kerja
Bilang-bilang aku aku yang tengah malu
Sama teman-temanku
Karna cuma diriku yang tak laku-laku

Back to ***

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posted by empithree @ 22.3.10 09:49 am

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Photography Continued...

was posted in: Daily Life


These two were taken at Alamanda Putrajaya.


This one is on 31 December 2009. Before the fireworks.

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posted by empithree @ 7.3.10 01:08 am

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Photography... Hobby? Just For Fun?

was posted in: Daily Life

as you all well aware that i like to take photograph... no you do not aware at all, because there are next to zero picture in this blog accept for certain occasion that need to be explained with photos and pictures.

i like to take photograph long before i started blogging, but i don't have the required device to take pictures and such...

but nowadays with my beloved N82 i would like to share some of my amateur photography taken a few month back... why a few month you may ask... why don't i upload them before. its the accessibility of the internet and my long lasting laziness. that's why...

but now, here we go...


This was taken at Dataran Segamat on 28 November 2009 while I was in kampung together with my best childhood friends after done eating burger Segamat


This was taken the next day while coming back from a nearby waterfall in Asahan. Not one of my best work.


Taken on 1 December 2009, tried to focus the moon using Mobile Telescope (RM65 if you guys wants it. Will tell you detail in my next entry)


These were taken while drive in rain to Seremban. Let me tell you a secret. Snapping picture, while driving, in rain. 1 word. Dangerous.


This was taken on a bright sunny day in Jenderam Hulu, Selangor. The point of this picture is the sky, but the high voltage electrical wire is a fine additional for the picture itself.

These were taken on my family day in Medan Ikan Bakar Umbai in Melaka on 12 December 2009.

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posted by empithree @ 6.3.10 01:20 pm

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Freaking Fast Internet, or Is It?

was posted in: Daily Life

remember a few post before this one about the incredible speed of my place's wifi connection?

erm, mind if i take that back? or can i amends what i've written in the post?

ekekekeke... nothing in particular, just that when i just about to enjoy the freaking fast connection, it started to become unusable for a day or so... and the speed have been reduced from freaking fast to freaking not-so-fast, and now freaking slow.

let me tell you why. from my observation that the internet started to slows down when there are a h3ll lot of user accessing it. that is obvious. but since tuesday, the service is not that good at all.

maybe i've been pampered by super speed, the current 1 is just not enough. huhuhu... silly me.

man, i just love a very good speed of internet. just wow... ekekeke

ok, that aside. a few years ago, i have two 3.5" hard disk that have a capacity of 250GB and 200GB. i've been using the those hard disk for my lappy external using the USB-to-IDE device that i bought for RM30.

its nice to have all your data from pc that can be access directly by your laptop. but beware that this device, the USB-to-IDE connector is not that stable. try look up in google about corrupted MFT.

the point is that, windows can no longer read my hard disk. both of them. but i manage to recover most of my long lost data. using getbackdata for NTFS... i will write about the software in the near future...

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posted by empithree @ 20.2.10 12:39 am

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